1. I
the doctor is out visiting доктора нет дома, он уехал к больным
2. III
1) visit smth. visit museums (a picture-gallery, a factory, public houses, billiard saloons, etc.) посещать музеи и т.д.; he had no time to visit the Tower у него не было времени, чтобы посетить /посмотреть/ Тауэр; visit Rome (Scotland, Italy, foreign countries, new scenes, etc.) побывать в Риме и т.д.; visit the scene of the crime вернуться на место преступления; visit smb. visit one's friends (one's relations, one's aunt, a new neighbour, one's patients, a sick person, a dying woman, the poor, etc.) навещать друзей и т.д.
2) visit smth. book. plague and famine often visit this country чума и голод visit частые гости в этой стране
3) visit smth. book. nature visits every infringement of her laws природа не оставляет безнаказанным ни одно из нарушений своих законов
3. IV
visit smth. in some manner visit smth. traditionally (periodically, annually, openly, surreptitiously, etc.) традиционно /по традиции/ посещать что-л. и т.д.; visit smb. in some manner he visited me several times while I was in bed with a broken leg он приходил ко мне /навещал меня/ несколько раз, когда я лежал со сломанной ногой
4. XI
1) be visited by smb. the exhibition was largely visited by foreigners выставку посещало много иностранцев; а spot visited by few место, где мало кто бывает; be visited by smth. the place is never visited by the sun сюда никогда не заглядывает солнце
2) be visited by smth. book, the place was recently visited by an epidemic (by a hurricane, by a serious volcanic eruption, etc.) там недавно разразилась эпидемия и т.д.; the poet Burns was visited by fits of gloom Берне страдал от приступов меланхолии; to make matters worse he was visited by a severe illness в добавление ко всему он серьезно заболел
5. XVI
visit with smb. USA visit with friends (with them, with my aunt, etc.) гостить у друзей и т.д.; visit at /in/ some place visit at the farm (in Paris, in the country, at a new hotel, etc.) гостить на ферме и т.д.
6. XXI1
1) visit smb. at /in/ some place he visited her at her residence (in New York, etc.) он побывал у нее /посетил ее у нее/ дома
2) visit smth. (up)on smb. book. visit one's anger (up)on smb. вымещать свой гнев на ком-л.; visit punishment (up)on smb. наслать кару на кого-л.; visit vengeance (up)on smb. отомстить кому-л.; visit the sins of the fathers upon the children наказывать детей за греха отцов; visit smb. with smth. book. visit smb. with disease (with blindness, with poverty, etc.) наслать на кого-л. болезнь и т.д.; visit smb. with salvation даровать /ниспослать/ кому-л. спасение

English-Russian dictionary of verb phrases. 2013.

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